Nov 03

Moving Tips for a “Green” Move

As I already told you, I recently moved to my new home. As a person who is concerned about our environment, I was trying to find ways to make my move more environmental friendly, without going crazy. I found that some very simple steps that I make can change a whole lot!

Selling items that I don’t need:

  1. A move is a great excuse to sort out our goods. That way, you also use less packing material.

Throw what is completely in a bad shape, but donate or sell on sites such as ebay, items that someone else can enjoy. I donated some clothing, and sold tables and pictures via ebay. It was very nice to get some money that I could use for my new house.

  1. Ask your moving coordinator to provide you with as much reusable paddings such as blankets, and packing materials that were already used in a prior move. Your moving company will be happy to do so, and you helped the planet.

Enjoy your green move and feel good about yourself.