Nov 14

Why Should You Move with a Professional Moving Company?

Studies show that moving is one of the most stressful events in our life. Hiring a team of professionals to help with it may take some of the stress out of your move. Whether you’re moving to a new apartment, house or even a new office, consider the benefits of hiring a professional moving company. …

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Nov 08

Moving for Senior Citizens

BestGuy Moving is aware that moving senior citizens requires a lot of sensitivity, patience And extra help. I found it out when my parents decided to move to a senior citizen association. Unfortunately, I was out of the country, and could not be there to help them with the move. My parents were leaving a …

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Nov 03

Moving Tips for a “Green” Move

As I already told you, I recently moved to my new home. As a person who is concerned about our environment, I was trying to find ways to make my move more environmental friendly, without going crazy. I found that some very simple steps that I make can change a whole lot! Selling items that …

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Oct 23

The estimate for your move

Choosing the right company: When you go on- line, you see so many companies. How should you make the decision who to call? The first thing is looking at the Better Business Bureau, and checking if the company has consumer complaints. If the company seems reliable call them and make an appointment for them to …

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Oct 19

Micro Apartments

A new trend has swept the apartment market in New York City, as a result of legislation recently passed removing restrictions on apartment size. The most notable complex of these new ‘micro-apartments’ is called Carmel Place, which opens early in 2016. The rent starts at $950 a month for such an apartment, with more luxurious …

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Oct 17

A garage sale

With the culture of modern day consumerism comes a load of modern day junk.  The process of moving homes exposes these unnecessary belongings that have been stored away in basements and garages, as well as every other imaginable nook and cranny that exists in a home. A garage sale is the perfect way to make …

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Oct 03

Purchasing a New Home

A new year calls for a fresh start — for some, this may be purchasing a new home. The year 2016 is an optimal year for doing so, for the following reasons. Homeowners are advantaged in a number of ways, with recent financial legislation offering tax breaks for homeowners. Further, the alternative to owning a …

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Sep 15

A few reasons for moving

There are a myriad of reasons for the relocation of people to somewhere new. In a recent survey by Clyde and Shari Steiner, the reported top three reasons for moving were the desire for more space in a home, noisy neighborhoods, and a long work commute. Some other notable reasons for moving include occupational promotions, …

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Apr 24

Moving can be a stressful process

Moving can be a stressful process — picking up and starting a life somewhere new certainly takes its toll on a person. An unnecessary additional cause of anguish is the final stage of moving — unpacking. Below are some easy steps to take that will drastically reduce the hindrance of unpacking. Firstly, know that unpacking …

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Mar 18

Increase the Sale Price of Your Home

Optimizing the price of your home for resale is a major priority among families looking to relocate. With little effort, homeowners looking to sell their houses can drastically increase their bottom line home resale price, saving thousands of dollars in the process. Oftentimes, sellers of property will neglect to clean areas of their houses that …

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